Certified Repairs

Certified Collision Repair Services

At Henderson Collision Center, our certified collision services include complete framework including straightening frames, reshaping and replacing a wide range of different body parts, windshield repair and every aspect of glasswork, and full paint shop services, all covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

Our Menu of Certified Collision Repair Capabilities includes:

Auto Body Repair

We’re a one-stop collision repair company and provide a full range of certified collision repair services based on OEM standards, from the front end of the car all the way to the rear end, and everything else between. When we return your car back to you, you will be able to see what collision repair is done right.


Regardless of your car’s color, at Henderson Collision Center we feature color-matching specialists on our crew who are able to match any paint color precisely. We spray one of the world’s finest automotive paints in the world–Glasurit by BASF. Many people say that once our highly-skilled painters have completed the job, their cars look even better than they did before!

Alignment and Suspension

At Henderson Collision Center, we know that your driving experience needs to be as safe and smooth as possible. We achieve this by repairing your vehicle’s suspension and checking the alignment if required. With the best tools for the job, including a Hunter Suspension alignment system for cars, trucks and RVs and cars, we’ve got it handled.

Frame Straightening

If your car’s frame has been damaged to any degree and you’re reluctant to restore it because you’re worried about additional damage, don’t worry, because at Henderson Collision Center we always go the distance to protect the integrity of your frame during every stage of the frame straightening process. By using the latest state-of-the-art frame equipment, we do the job precisely each and every time.