About Us

Owner & Founder Burl Richards is Second-Generation Painter

Burl entered a paint booth for the very first time at the age of 12. Some kids want to be firemen or policemen, but Burl wanted to paint vehicles, just like his dad Ed did.

Growing up in body shops offered Burl a prime opportunity to learn the collision repair business firsthand and he seized it by learning as much he possibly could. “My dad was a great instructor and my mentor,” Burl said. “Once I learned one thing, he allowed me to progress onto the next. First it was buffing out the vehicles, then I began sanding the cars and then one day my father let me paint one. As a teenager, I started painting cars and trucks for my friends and over time my skills improved. Every time someone looked at a vehicle I painted and said something positive, that gave me more confidence and it just grew from there.”

Attracted by cars in general and hot rods specifically, Burl went all-in as he entered the collision repair industry after completing a four-year stint in the Air Force. He knew that if he wanted to own a shop, he had to attain business skills and learn about running a crew, working with the insurance companies, as well as creating a quality control method and an efficient production system.  

Things have worked out well for Burl, because now he owns three shops and a car restoration company that are thriving in a very competitive industry. “I’ve been running shops for 20 years and have a total of 40 years in the business, so we’ve been blessed. I realized early on that if you take the high road and provide people with a quality experience, they will tell their friend. Word-of-mouth has always been a major source of business for us at Henderson Collision Center and Burl’s Collision both in Henderson, TX in addition to Red River Collision Center in Bossier City, LA, in addition to our complete restoration company, Burl’s Hypnotic Customs in Henderson, TX.  

Improving the Industry through Service & Advocacy

Burl knows that for him to succeed the collision repair industry has to do the same and that’s why he is the current president of the Auto Body Association of Texas (ABAT), where he supports the industry regionally and on a national leichards knew that he was going to pursue a career as a painter when he picked up a spray gun andvel and represents body shops legislatively in Texas.

By making the consumer #1, Burl has built a reputation for never compromising any repair, whether it’s a small fender bender all the way to a more serious crash. “We are known for taking on the insurance companies when it comes to providing safe repairs, and that’s why we always insist on using strictly factory OEM processes and procedures without exception,” Richards said. “We know that the goal is to make money here at Henderson Collision Center, but we will never forget about the customer. We have chosen to use factory parts, the correct tools and equipment, and fix every car, SUV or truck with only the highest standards in the world.”

painting car door
happy car inspection

Four Decades & Still Going Strong

With a total of four decades working in some capacity within the collision repair industry, Burl is always focusing on doing the most important things right–for all of his customers, his crew and the communities in which he owns and operates shops. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and making training paramount, Henderson Collision Center is flourishing in the rapidly evolving business of collision repair.

“If you don’t change with the times, you might end up falling behind,” he said. “With today’s cars that are full of sensors, cameras and computer systems, we need to stay ahead of the game, and that’s why we have done what it takes to grow at a steady rate and continuing in the same direction–up!”

At Henderson Collision Center, we realize that getting into a car accident can be a stressful experience, so we do everything we can to make it drama-free and seamless. Give us a call today and find out why everyone is giving us 5-star reviews and telling their friends and associates about us.