Posted Labor Rates

Collision Repairs

Body Labor
$90 / Hour
Refinish Labor
$90 / Hour 
Mechanical Labor
$135 / Hour
Aluminum Structural
$135 / Hour
Frame Labor
$125 / Hour
Paint Materials
$65 / Hour- or more when product invoices are provided.

Car in paint booth

Total Loss Rates

Henderson’s Collision Center will charge the following charges that apply to vehicles that are deemed to be a total loss by the insurance carrier. In the event a vehicle is pulled from this repair facility prior to completion of repairs, the following charges that apply will be added.

Outside Storage:
$75 + tax / Day
Indoor and/or Covered Storage:
$95 + tax / Day
Sublet Markup:
Blue Print Fee:
10% Up to $1500
Preservation Fee:
$80 Minimum
Administration Fee:
Tear Down:
When Applicable
Towing Charges:
+ 35% Markup
Gate Access Fee:
Re-Stocking Fee:

Total Loss